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Good Morning,

Mitch is a pretty modest guy, so we at Mission Possible Press wanted to step in today to let his readers know that he was recently interviewed by Black Pearls Magazine. If you haven’t heard of Black Pearls Magazine (BPM) before, you’re in for a treat! BPM is a literary magazine that acts as a hub for authors and readers alike. Need a recommendation for a good book? BPM. Want to be in the know about new and veteran authors? BPM. Looking for sneak peaks into up coming books? You get the point . . . BPM is the “it” spot for all things literary and at the heart of the magazine is the push to share knowledge. In the words of Ella Curry, President of EDC Creations and Black Pearls Magazine Online-Founder,

“Let’s all agree to “Give the Gift of Knowledge” and help to strengthen
our future generations by sharing our wonderful literary legacy!”

We think Black Pearls Magazine does just that, and we are so proud that Mitch had the honor of being interviewed by the magazine. To read all about how Mitch got started as a writer and how he developed and fell in love with the characters in his upcoming novel Black Hearts White Minds (releasing January 16, 2018) visit the BPM interview page HERE.

Great job, Mitch!

The Mission Possible Press Team

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